10 Apr 2020

Letter to clients


Daer All,

face an emergencies is never an easy task.

Face the Covid-19 emergency is, and will be, a particularly hard and unprecedented challenge fo all of us, not only from a a health prospective, but also from an economic and entrepreneurial point of view.

Professional advisers in all disciplines will be required to adapt their normal ways of working to confront and interact with each other with passion and intelligence on new and often very complex issues which will need to be addressed across all internetional boundaries.

Giordano & Partners is making a collective effort to support all stakeholders, whether or not clients, with its combined professional expertise.

We believe that is the most responsabile and helpfully in which we can respond to our challenge.

Giordano & Partners has therefore established an International Covid-19 Team, bringing tighter its professionals, specialized in all relevant practice areas.

The Covid-19 Team is prepared to meet all the different needs and requirements that the new social, economic, professional and international framework generates.

Anyone faced with having to deal with the professional requirements of this new framework may write to and will find a Team who is ready and willing to help them!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter